Urbino, Gubbio


Placed in the heart of the Montefeltro, in beautiful position on the highland that divide the Metauro valley from the Foglia valley, Urbino maintains intact the physiognomy of small and cultured renaissance city.

Notable the Cathedral and above all the Ducal Building, first princely abode of the Renaissance, where there is the National Gallery of Marche, that contains the richest and important art collection of the Region, with artworks of Raffaello.

Need a visit the Oratory of San Giovanni Battista, the house native of Raffaello and the church of San Domenico.

Proceeding to south you reach Gubbio, ancient center of the iron age umbrian civilization, as testified by the famous  “Eugubine Tables”  guarded in the shiny Palazzo dei Consoli.

Other important monuments: the Roman Theater, the Cathedral, the Ducal Building, the Palazzo Pretorio, Piazza Pensile, Santa Maria Nuova, Sant’Agosino, San Francesco.

Few west kilometers, you find Umbertide, fourteenth-century citadel embellished by the superb Fortress, the Church-museum of Santa Croce, the Town Building and the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà.