Orvieto e Pitigliano


Placed in the heart of the ancient Etruria, Orvieto is a town that reserves a lot of surprises to the tourist.

First of all is very ancient (Volsinii), ’cause was the religious center of the etruscan civilization, whose necropolises stud the whole surrounding territory. Second introduces us an enigmatic and extraordinary Cathedral.

The historical center abounds of medieval buildings (Palazzo Medici, Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo dei Sette, Palazzi Papali, Palazzo del Popolo, Albornoz Fortress) and medieval and renaissance churches.

You won’t finally withstand not to throw a coin in the famous Well of San Patrizio.

Few kilometers on the west, the fortress of Bolsena surmounts the homonym lake of volcanic origin.

More to the west, to precipice on a cliff hundreds of meters high, Pitigliano is risen, settled even from the bronze age. Absolutely visit the Fortress and the Building of Orsini Family, the Archs of the Medicean Aqueduct, the Cathedral, the Paleochristian Shrine and the famous Streets Cave, depths crossed results in the volcanic “tufo” that often intersect etruscan necropolis.

The return will follow the street Cassia, with the incumbent form of the Amiata Mountain to the left side, rich in sulfur baths and popular ski resort.