Immortalized from Dante as strategic valley during the medieval wars between Arezzo and Florence, the Casentino is a land rich in castles, strengthened city, ancient parishes and sacred places of extraordinary suggestion.

The first visit is the Sanctuary of La Verna, castled convent founded by St. Francesco d’Assisi.

After the visit, you go down toward Poppi, where is risen the imposing and mysterious Castle of Conti Guidi.

In the proximities deserve a visit the solitary and beautiful Romanic Parish of Romena and the homonym demolished Castle, where hacks the Tower of the Jails, whose subdivision in “punitive levels” is said has inspired Dante to imagine his Hell.

Finally goes up again toward the fascinating Natural Park of the Casentino’ Forests, where, just like in a picture of sublime beauty, camps the silent Hermitage of Camaldoli, uninterruptedly lived by the Benedictine Monks since 1012.