Villa Portoverde, landscape and architecture, in a perfect match

Villa Portoverde dominates the Valdichiana, in the heart of Tuscany, benefiting from the landscape and the atmosphere, crossroads of art, nature, culture and well-being. The villa, with its 450 sqm interior space and the 5,000 sqm garden, is the perfect place for a fabulous wedding. The rooms are all furnished with exquisite furnishings in exquisitely Tuscan style: travertine furniture and solid walnut wood, beautiful and upholstered sofas, rustic kitchen, wrought iron beds. Even architectural details are worthy of praise, taste and choice of materials, such as the serene stone staircase and Carrara marble coatings. In addition to the interiors, which offer the possibility of overnight in absolute relaxation, with 12 beds, the villa has a large garden, dotted with cast iron benches, gazebos, terracotta pots, statues and the great octagonal Florentine fountain. On the board with the house is then the Roman escalator pool: beautiful and functional, also for an aperitif. On one side of the pool, the
Guests of the property will enjoy the Jacuzzi, perfect even in low temperatures. The green lawn next to the pool can accommodate tables and chairs for over 1000 covered areas; or you can use a tiled, well-lit, tensile structure with a capacity of 300 seats, closed to the sides and perfect for even in bad weather. In addition, the Villa is equipped with a 6,000 sqm. Ft. Car park, guarded, fenced and shaded. For the religious rite, the spouses have the opportunity to celebrate the function in a pretty country church of 1600, Church of Our Lady of the Harbor, about 150 meters from the structure. Among the various services, Villa Portoverde also offers a well-equipped kitchen for the Catering, plus other facilities to prepare the reception comfortably and easily, and a team competent for the Wedding Plan, who will handle your reception by taking care of every minute detail .