the property

The property


Known architect of Foiano and owner of Villa Portoverde, Fabrizio Zacchei has personally planned the restyling with such care and meticulousness to bring upon himself the review in important magazines of the sector.

For example, this review of Onduline Opinion Magazine:

” The building planned by the Architect Zacchei is a residence of around 450 mqs that is rented for vacations.

The house is found in calm position, to around 1 kilometer from the inhabited area of Foiano della Chiana, in the Province of Arezzo.”

 The outside

The necessity to widen the existing residence in bricks, built around the ’20, was facilitated by the conformation of the native construction, thought in the future for a doubling of the dimensions.

The beautiful principal façade of the old residence was so preserved, while the new principal façade built on the  northwest side was animated by niches overlapped with tricentered archs in bricks and bifora to the mansard, and with balconies that introduce a parapet with grid in bricks.

The swimming pool with edge tub and flooring rigorously in “cotto”  was built on the symmetrical axis of the house.

The garden – of around 5.000 mqs – is equipped by outside furniture and secular plants of tall stem.

 The inside

To the outside the house was projected for a possible future division in two apartments dividing the enlarged part from the native part, where was preserved all the possible with a careful restauration to the minimum details, for instance preserving the native floors in “cotto” and intervening with a sand-blasting on beams and joists with flat tiles in “cotto”.

The great fireplace was maintained in the rustic living-room that introduces to the sides of the original sessions in masonry; the principal bath of the old part was equipped by an ancient double sink dug in a single piece of marble of Carrara.

All was projected respecting the Tuscan constructive traditions: thresholds and windowsills in serene stone, frames in chestnut tree and external finish in bricks face to sight.

In the external walls of the enlarged part and in the whole coverage as coibentation material was used the Sardinian Cork in panels of cm 5 of thickness.

As down-tile system  was chosen the product called Isoline Sottotegola. »

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